How is life coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is a term used to describe the work done by medically trained psychiatrists, psychologists or clinicians who treat their patients for mental disorders as defined by industry manuals such as DSM or ICD. They typically aim to resolve their patients’ problems by focusing on the past to discover root causes which often stem from childhood.. Life coaches, while acknowledging the importance of personal history, focus on their clients’ current life situations and how to move forward to create the futures they desire in all aspects of their life.

Why is coaching done by via phone or zoom?

Coaching by phone or Zoom is the preferred method because it achieves the best results in the least amount of time regardless of your location. Other benefits include:

  • Higher level of comfort and the feeling of safety. Clients are more comfortable in their familiar environment which enables them to more effectively strip off their “social mask”, dig deep and uncover their true desires.
  • Better focus for your coach to tune into the emotional resonance in your voice, tone and words to uncover the true objectives behind your dreams
  • Elimination of distractions by being in their own personal space means that clients and coaches can use all their energy on working to achieve results
  • No time spent commuting during rush hour to a coach’s location
  • Continuity of service clients can continue to work with their preferred coach regardless of their respective locations and whether or not one of them moves residences or is travelling for business.
How many sessions are needed?

Typically we schedule weekly sessions with our clients so they have time to reflect and execute on their weekly goals between sessions. We will work with you as long as needed. Some goals are accomplished is a few weeks and others need more time. Typically, as you follow one strategy in an area of your life and accomplish your objective, you may look to other areas to optimize them as well, with the goal of getting a balanced life.

What Does it cost?

Our hourly rate is $395 (Canadian dollars). We offer custom coaching packages to suit your schedule as well as gift certificates. All sessions are non-refundable and fully transferable.

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