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History of Life Coaching

Life coaching has its roots in sports coaching from the 1970s, where the coaches of champions learnt that winning in sports was as much about self-confidence, mental attitude and visualization as it was about natural talent, discipline and the fine-tuning of athletic skills.

Sports coaches realized that the success or failure of their athletes’ performances was not solely a function of their peak physical fitness but affected by their relationships with friends, family and partners as well as by their financial health and spiritual beliefs. Athletic prowess alone did not guarantee a sports win. From the world of sports, coaching evolved to enhance the professional performance of top executives in major companies and has since become accessible to anyone who seeks balance in all areas their life, as they pursue the life of their dreams.

Life Coaching with Stellar Life Strategies – How it’s Done

Prior to the first coaching session, an assessment session is completed in order for the assessing coach to gain a thorough understanding of your current situation and what you would like to achieve. After this initial assessment, if you so choose, the coach will prepare a written vision statement for you which will then serve as the blueprint for future coaching sessions.

The process of creating strategies to achieve desired goals starts in your first coaching session. These defined strategies will then form the foundation for specific short-term and long-term action plans. Executing on these action plans is what transforms your life for the better.

Typically clients meet with their coach once a week until their goals are accomplished, but all coaching programs are customized to suit our clients’ needs and schedules. Your coach will be your accountability partner and will help you maintain momentum as you make progress in creating the life you desire.

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